Use and abuse me

OK, I've had this fantasy for a while and I still haven't lived it out yet :( ...

I'm on my back, tied to the headboard by my wrists - my legs are tied so they're up in the air. My arsehole is exposed and I have a ring gag in my mouth.

I can just about reach through the gag with my tongue so you mount me and rub your pussy into my face. Occasionally you switch directions, smothering me, really pushing back into my mouth and nose - I can smell your holes and I clean your arsehole out before you switch back.

Once I've flicked your clit for a while and lapped up your juices, you've come. You climb off me and place a dildo in my mouth so I can lube it up - you let it rest there for a minute, filling my mouth up as I salivate around it. It's wet enough after a minute - you remove it and f***e it into my arse. It'll be some time before you think I've had enough, stirring it, pushing it in up to the balls and pulling it practically all the way out. Occasionally, you'll remove it completely and re-place it in my mouth for remoistening. I'll be struggling as you do this as it's hurting and I'm not enjoying it at all.

You give up in the end, fed up with my whining and just leave it in my arsehole, fully in. I'm sweating and obviously in pain. You turn to my cock and slap it about a bit with a ruler - tapping the end and slapping the shaft until it's red. As you're lightly squeezing my balls, you tug and yank at my cock - stopping short each time of letting me cum. Eventually after I've begged you enough, you do let me cum, gathering up the liquid into a glass and pouring it into my mouth through the gag, I nearly choke on it but take it all down.

You just leave me there until you want to use me again...


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