They worked me

i had been to the spa a few times and really never noticed any thing or any one for that matter. I really like the sence of freedom i felt there, being an all male club, you could walk around nude.

After i finished a shower, i went into the sauna. I was more then happy to find the sauna empty. after a few minutes i began to totally relax. I let my towel fall open and before i realized it i began rubbing my cock. soon, my cock was rock hard and i was stroking it faster and faster. suddeenly, the door opened and a guy walked in. Then man was tall with a strong build. I quickly tryed to cover my hard on but it was too late. "dont stop on my account" he said. of course i did and nevousely said its not what you think..."if you say so" he replied.

for the next few minutes neither of us spoke. I had begun to drift off and wit out realizing it i resumed touching my cock...with out hesitation the man got up and put his hand on my balls. I jumped and he laughed, "relax pal...i wont hurt you".

i had often wanted to have sex with anouter guy i just never had the chance. here was my chance so i figured why not?. I spread my legs and when i did, he knelt down in between my legs. as he wrapped his lips around my cock, i moaned it felt soooo good, better the i imagined!
AS he sucked my cock i became so involved with what we were doing i didnt care when the door opened and a few more guys came in. "well, well, one said, looks like we got here just in time". they walked over and without saying a word some one put their big hard cock right in my face! I had nevere had a cock so close to my face before, i couldnt resist!!! I took it in my hand and guided his cock to my mouth...

Here we were one guy sucking my cock as another guys was fucking my face. "hey get on your knees", he tells me, "I want to relax while i cum in your mouth"...not wanting to miss a drop of cum i quickly did as i was told. once i was on my knees the first guy got behind me and pulled my ass up. "you can have his mouth but im gonna get this ass" he says! with that he spat on my hole and massaged my was when i felt his tongue in my ass that i went nutz!

I lost total control of myself...i arched my back and beg him oh yeah, i want you to fuck my ass...i couldnt tell you how long it lasted but they sure took turns on be honest i couldnt tell you how many guys fucked me that day but i can tell you...they sure worked me!!! come to find out i wasnt the first new guy to get this introduction


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