The Professor 5- The Adjunct

It was the beginning of a new semester. Of course, I made sure to schedule classes with my professor from last semester. I wanted to get my workout done early, so that I could buy my books before class. It was nice working out in the early morning because there was next to nobody in the gym. I could do whatever I wanted. Since I worked out so much, people thought that I worked at the gym. I didn’t mind helping out.

Across the room there was a woman running who I never saw before. She was wearing a white top with pink bottom. I don’t know if I worked out so much because I liked the physical activity or because of all of the hot women who wore tight revealing outfits. Her small nipples showed through the white top. There was a nice indentation where her ass was. She looked like she was trying to find somebody to help her. She started to walk toward me. “Excuse me, can you help me stretch? It won’t take that long if you have to workout.”

“Are you a new student here?” I asked.

“No,” she smiled, “I’m actually a retired professor who is coming back to teach a couple courses for the history department. My name’s Veronica.” She held out her hand for me to shake.

“Oh, I think I have you for one of my classes. My name’s Jimi.” Even though she was much older, she still had a youthful look. As I said my name, her face had a small grin. I took her hand, and kissed it.

“Actually, I think I saw your name on my roll. Well, do you know where the mats are?”

“They’re right over there.”

We walked into the mat room and she sat down on the mat. “I just need somebody to help me stretch after I get done running.” By this time my cock was in full growth. She stuck her leg up in the air. I leaned on it and bent it back to her body. As I got close to her body, I could feel an extreme heat coming from her pussy. My hard rod went right up against her hot box.

“Oh my, Jimi. Do you have something to show me?” I let up on her leg. She then sat up. Veronica pulled my pants as my erect dick popped out of my pants. “So it is true what I heard about you. I bet the rest of the stuff is true too?”

I stood up and took my pants off the rest of the way. “I guess I’ll just have to show you.” I took off my shirt. She took off her top. Her sweet breasts came out of the white top. I then rubbed my naked body on her. She just laid there as my hardened cock rubbed over the lips of her pussy. I started out by nibbling at her ear. My hands caressed her sweating breasts. Her engine started to roar. Her nipples were tender as I spent time with each. As I started to kiss downward, I moved my hands to remove her tight pants. Before I buried my head into her hairy cunt, I looked at her. She was staring into the mirror above the mat at her boiling hot pussy that was about to be eaten. As I put my face into her hole, she started to moan louder. She wrapped her legs around my face so tight I could not breathe anything other than her cunt. My face melted right into her sweating hair. She let out a mighty squirt. I licked up every last drop. Something told me this was going to be a multi-squirt occasion.

We both got up. I backed her into the wall, and perched her ass on the railing. I directed my cock toward its target. Before I put it in, I rubbed the head of my dick around her pussy lip. As I put it in her clit, she let out a giggle of satisfaction. She put her arms around my shoulders for safety. I started to shove my rod into her as hard as I could. Her body bounced up and down uncontrollably. I put my face down into her tits and licked them as they bounced around. She climaxed again.

She got down as I went back down on the floor. Veronica got on top of me. She inserted my dick into her wet awaiting pussy. She rode my cock as she rubbed her tits. Her moans filled the room as my dick jabbed her. She then bent down to bury her tits in my face once more. This time I sucked until I sucked a small bit of milk came out of each nipple.

Veronica got off my cock and sat down on my face. Her legs went over my arms. I started to swallow all the cum she had created during our first meeting. She proceeded to go down to my dick. As she got her cunt licked out, I reached around to her butthole, and inserted two fingers. My dick could not keep it in any longer. Veronica’s mouth sucked it right out of my cock.

After I exploded, she sat up on my face. Her ass was at my chin. “Punch me in the ass!” she moaned. I did what she wanted. I hit her as hard as I could even though my arms were pinned to the ground by her legs. “Now kiss that spot!” She sat her ass right down on my mouth. I kissed it. “Now I got a final gift for you.” She moved her pussy right over my mouth. Veronica started to violently rub her pussy. I helped my licking her hole. A jet of cum came out of her pussy that went out all over my face. Some of it went on the mat.

She rolled over on the mat next to me. She took my cock into her hand and started to stroke it. “Something tells me this is the start of a great semester.”


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