Orgasm denial

I made a mistake and disobeyed my Mistress. My punishment was to write this fantasy – she even gave me instructions on what she wanted to be in there. My next punishment was to live it through. And now, she asked me to publish it here so you all know that I was bad boy and how I was punished.

I walk into the room with proud steps. There you are, straddling a chair with one leg over the top. Your hair is falling down your back and your lips are painted bright red. Your body is clothed in black leather with your nipples and pussy showing through slits in the leather. I can see that your nipples are hard and your slit moist and I feel myself growing hard. You raise your finger to your lips as if to silence me but instead let it fall between your lips. Suggestively, it goes in and out then down the length of your body.

You stands up, your legs in shiny stockings and high heels. You take my hand and lead me towards the bed. You unbutton my shirt and slide it off my back. Then you start a trail of kisses down my chest and stop at my navel while quickly removing my pants. Your kisses continue and then stop at my point of pleasure. You laugh.

You push me down on the bed and handcuff me to the headboard. We both smile. You then get on the bed and stand above me, letting your hips gyrate to the faint sound of music that I can hear in the background. You lower down almost within my reach and then you move back up. My eyes glisten with desire. I can smell you musky smell and my lips desire her moistness. I look up at you pleadingly, but you simply shake your head.

Now you sit on me. My dick feels the wetness and strains to get more. You move slowly, sliding up and down my torso. You quickly stand up and then squat down just above my face. I can see your cunt clearly, breathing its life. Your finger starts spreading your own lips and running them up and down. Your hand moves back and in slide one, two, three fingers. In and out, in and out, faster and faster until you groan. Then you move to your swollen clit. You open your lips and let me see it clearly. Your finger grazes it, lightly, but I could see it quiver. Your finger unable to control itself starts to rub and circle as your breath quickens. Your moans start slow but soon they are continuous. Just before your orgasm you drop down and let me tongue-finish the while you squeeze your nipples.

You try to get up again, but now that I have what he wanted, I am not going to let you go so easily. My tongue works magic and you realise that you are not able to leave it. Again and again the waves of orgasms come until you collapse with exhaustion on top of my sweaty body. You look into my eyes and see my own smile and the gloating look in his eyes. But you are not going to give yourself. You will get your revenge.

Your head slowly moves down to my groin and you breathe on may rock hard cock. You can hear me catching my breath. You slowly take my prick into your soft inviting mouth. The shaft is hard and throbbing, your lips tightly around its base while your tongue draws designs on the inside. Your mouth becomes a heaven for my dick and I moan with pleasure. Your mouth starts moving at a frantic pace. Your tongue is moving with its own desire. My body tenses and then you stop. You remove your mouth from my dick, look at me and smile. My eyes are pleading with you to continue and at that your head goes down to finish the job.

But when I am just on the edge again, you stop again. I lay there for a while and then start to struggle. I want the handcuffs off so I can touch my body and relief my aching dick. You just smile and shake your head no.


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