Adult The secretary part 2 Story

He stood and watched her for a few moments Drinking in the vision of her helpless form curled up on the floor. The evidence of their recent coupling soaking into the carpet and on her stocking tops. The way she was lying he could see the perfect form of her smooth puffy lipped pussy. His cock just got harder, he had never felt it so hard and he liked the feelings. Was it the power he held over her that so thrilled him he did not know. He watched as she tried to cover herself with a hand between her legs, softly cupping her wet and bruised cunt. He liked that word CUNT he thought perfect. He had wanted to try something with her in the bathroom but maybe it would have to wait, he had to deal with this bl**d engorged cock. He turned from her and went towards the desk, reaching into the top drawer he took out a pair of handcuffs. He turned back towards her noting with a smile her expression as she saw what he had in his hand. He walked steadily towards her, pulled her to her knees. His hardness pushing into her face, he leaned over her back and handcuffed her wrists. As he straightened up he couldn't help himself he flipped his hip smacking her hard in the face with his cock. He loved the look she flashed him with her eyes such a look of hate and fear.

She lay in the fetal position quietly sobbing. Why her she thought, and why had she been wet her body betraying her arousal. How could it, why would she need it. She felt his eyes on her and reach between her legs and cupped her pussy to cover her modesty. She felt the wet stickiness of his leavings inside her and running down her leg. What was gong to happen to her now, she hoped he would just let her go, but she somehow doubted it. She felt him move away so she opened her eyes and turned her head slightly to see where he had gone. She saw him lean over the desk and pull something out of the desk. She watched him turn slowly back towards her Her eyes opening wide at the site of his very large cock sticking out in front of him, how had that been inside her, it was so big she thought. As he got closer she saw the handcuffs in his hand. She tried to move away but he was there pulling her up sharply leaning over her back, snapping the cuffs onto her wrists. As he stood up he whipped her face with his cock it hurt it was so hard. She looked up at him, not seeing the look of pleasure that her flash of hatred and fear had given him.

He wrapped her hair in his hand and f***ed her mouth open with the other. He laughed and then on a serious note told her not to be stupid or it would just be worse for her. He slowly put his bl**d filled cock into her mouth teasing hr lips but pulling her head closer and closer feeling the tip of his cock reach her throat, her gag reflex stopped him for a moment, but still he pulled her forward, oh it felt good, he could feel the bl**d coursing through his member as it fucked her face, he pulled her back and then forward again getting harder and deeper with each thrust, he stopped now and then to allow her to catch her breath, she gagged good. Oh he was gonna choke her with his hot semen and f***e her to swallow it all drink him dry... just as he was about to shoot, he pulled her almost all the way off so he could see her face, he jerked her head back and smiled with one final thrust he exploded into her mouth forcing it into her throat, holding her so she had no choice but to swallow. He went soft now, it was amazing the tears on her face said it all to him. What fun he was going to have.

When he wrapped her hair in his hand it stung, He f***ed her mouth open and she tried so hard not to let him. He seemed to read her thoughts and gave her such a warning that she gave up any notion of doing anything. The tip of his cock went into her mouth as he pulled her towards him slowly forcing her mouth wider and wider till she felt it tickle at the back of her throat, surely he could go no further. He stopped for a moment as she gagged and caught her breath. He then pushed it further down, then he fucked her face thrusting her head back and forth getting faster and deeper, she felt the tears well up, she was gagging at every thrust. Would he ever stop, please stop she thought let it be over. She could feel the pulse of bl**d and semen in his shaft as it fucked her mouth, it must be close. He seemed to pull out of her mouth and stop he yanked her head back still with the tip inside her mouth. He looked down at her, she saw a glint of almost cruelty, but somehow softer. At that point he pushed hard back into her not stopping or caring she felt the hot gush as he exploded into the back of her throat. Holding her there forcing her to swallow every last drop. She could do nothing else but swallow, and with this reflex she actually sucked him at the end. She felt him go limp, and he pulled away from her. She realised with shock that although the process had been brutal, she had enjoyed the taste of him. She felt wracked with guilt, the tears burning her cheeks, ....


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